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Saturday 14 July 2018

Meg Week 8 - Is cheating possible?

Because of the leg toning from the running, I have been motivated to look after my beauty regime better and I have started back on my Korean skincare routine (it's more a way of life than a routine but man, they have good skin).

I even decided to go get a massage before run two to help with the tightness in my muscles. It appealed to me as it was on hot stones which claim to have the same effect as running 15k. Who wants to run when being pampered yields the same results? 

My masochistic therapist spotted straight away I hold tension in my body. A few ‘oh no Ms Hallett’ later and she had decided I wasn’t ready for a relaxing massage and would benefit from a mixture of traditional Chinese medicine with acupressure and sports massage. It hurt, like really hurt. A day later and I feel like I’ve been beaten up - because basically, I was.

But... I feel great. She spotted the issues and tried to fix them, including my newly tight calves. She seemed to take pleasure in my pain, actually laughing at me when I was squealing. Ironically, despite back problems from a historic car accident, my back wasn't the painful bit, it was the outer thighs.

Bless her, she was very polite calling my thighs muscular but (through my squealing) she pointed out that unlike the firm massage she gave all over my body, she was using the lightest touch on my thighs. She then told me she could tell I didn’t drink enough water from the cellulite on my legs! Tough love hurts.

That said, this morning my husband was gushing over how great my legs were looking, I thought he was overdoing it but I have to say, the dimpled mess of ‘thigh muscle’ had all but disappeared. He did ruin it by commenting that the masseuse had ‘got rid of the things on the backs of my legs’ (for clarity, he was referring to my cellulite). 


She’s a miracle worker masochist and I will go back. I am also excited to see if the massage has loosened my legs, especially the calves, and if this helps the tired feeling I get during the run.

Run 1 (8/2/18)

This was my first time running outside solo as my husband was working late. I started off wobbly because I forgot to set my watch, I put Strava on (pretty sure it wouldn’t record and it didn’t) and as a back-up, also put a timer on my phone.

I should have been doing a 28 minute run today but I told myself I will put 28 on the clock but was aiming for a good 25. I contemplated changing the route but this would have meant running a pretty epic hill so I stuck with the usual. The first eight minutes felt tough and I wanted to give up, I stuck with it and by the middle of the run I had my stride, and was breathing easy. I did have a blip in the middle where I encountered a gentleman on a dark path who appeared to be taking his shirt off. This is very unusual for Singapore and it freaked me out to the point I sprinted off to where the park opens up and lots of people were milling about. The sprint felt great but unsustainable, I was deliberately not looking at the time but judging where I was in the park I was approximately 16 minutes into the run. I usually struggle with the last ten minutes and it started out that way but, as I started the countdown (the last 3 mins have been excruciating/almost impossible in previous weeks), I felt good this time (how can this app be so right?).

Overal I was pretty happy with my run, especially with a little sprint in the middle but I am still struggling with tightness in my legs and a pain in the right shoulder where I am too tense. 

Run 2 (12/02/18)

I should have run on Saturday if I was following the routine but I went to an airshow for my other job for Wings & Wheels. Walked over 10,000 steps easy. Sunday is my day of rest, I didn’t want to run so I didn’t.

This is my first run post massage. My legs are not as tight but, surprisingly, I had a few body aches that I've not had for a while in my knee, shoulders and back. I could feel me undoing all that work she did but my calves were looser. The evidence of the loose muscles came from my ten-minute abdominal workout after the run. For the first time ever, I was able to hold straight legs up in the air and lower them to the ground and back up again without my back arching. Most of you are probably questioning such a simple easy move but I am so tight in the lower back, hips and thighs that I have never been able to put my legs up without major bending of the knees (which is odd because I can touch my toes and, if completely warmed up, have my hands on the ground with straight but tight legs).

This is yet another run without my husband as he is working late all week. I was able to go earlier and ran in the daylight/dusk and it was beautiful to see the gardens and bats flying overhead.
I decided to go back to the podcast for this run as my music has been hit and miss. For some reason, as per the last run, I am finding it much easier to run 28 minutes than 25 - can anyone work this out for me?

I had a good run and lots left in the tank so in the last ten minutes, I concentrated on my stride as I think my fear of running has translated to me not moving my legs enough (in case my body realised I was trying to run and objecting). A wider stride felt good and I will continue to work on this for the last run as I have noticed I am slowing down unnecessarily.

I've started to notice I am getting a gritty feeling on my face when running, I googled it and apparently, I am not getting enough salt while drinking a lot of water (according to Runners World). It doesn’t surprise me as I grew up in a house where salt was the devil and bad for your health so as an adult, I still do not consume as much salt as the average person. My husband uses double what I do and I've been to restaurants where I can tase the tart/sour salt so much it ruins the dish for me. That said, I do use it to season my cooking (obviously not enough) and I like salty things like crisps etc so I might start putting salt on boiled eggs etc. to up my salt intake. I must stay away from crisps but if it's for the good of my run...


Run 3 (14.02.18)

Who says romance is dead? Arriving home from work, my husband declared that I would get a lovingly cooked meal BUT only after we had been out for a run. The park was full of romantic couples taking advantage of the evening which made it a mental run for me as I normally try and hide in the dark in all my sweaty redness and I couldn’t avoid people today. Spurred on by my husbands ‘helpful’ comments I was determined to finish this run and do it in a reasonable time so I could get home and drink some bubbles.



I am disappointed that with one week left, I am nowhere near reaching the 5k goal. I am running for the right amount of time but I am not covering the distance. The most I have done is almost 4k on the treadmill but I average at 3.3k when out running to the allocated time. I know humidity is a factor but there are no 3.3 park runs or events out there so I need to keep going. I am also disappointed that neither my purse or body think that a ‘15k running substitute’ can replace getting out there an exercising. My brain, however, thinks it would be ok as an occasional complimentary therapy to accompany my running…


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