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Results 2021

Congratulations to everyone that took part in one of our six challenges. For a full list of results for the Ultra and Full click here. For the Half, Ten, Five and One click here.

The results are in...

The Ultra

Rank Name Time 
David Phillips 05:02:29
Joe Franklin 05:33:04
Paul Davies 05:37:05


The Full Run

Rank  Name Time
1 Henry Robertshaw 03:54:32
2 Dan Gray  04:01:25
3 Rory Grout 04:08:01


The Half Run

 Rank Name  Time 
1 Stephen Root 01:54:46
Charlie Muir-Sands 01:58:57
Ewan Heaney 02:02:23


The Ten 

Rank Name Time
1 David Thompson 47:57
2 Anthony Cadieu 48.30
3 Robert Kirkpatrick 49:09


The Five 

Rank Name Time
1 Georgie Lambert 20:16
2 Duncan Caskey 26:25
3 Roger Bartholomew 27:48