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Tuesday 03 July 2018

Nancy & JR Week 7 - Rain, Sleet & Snow

It’s still cold, it’s still snowing, I’m freezing my a*se off in Berlin and JR is flying the Surrey Hills Challenge Couch to 5k flag! Kind of. In his own words…

“Missed Monday ‘cos of Thames Water [so] that’s two misses and a mental hurdle to get out there tonight (Wednesday 7th March). I was wavering until Matt said ‘you runnin tonight?’ and I just said ‘yep’. Fate sealed.

Quite mild out there [on the aerodrome] but still went out and warmed up ninja style in a million layers (JR wears the most ridiculous amount of clothes to run in!). The Couch to 5k was a five-minute walk, ten-minute run, three-minute walk, ten-minute run and five-minute walk. I slotted in an extra five-minute Jude (Run Surrey Hills) warm-up and an extra ten-minute walk because I went around the whole perimeter track on the aerodrome and had to.

JR Clothes

The first five minutes of the run was the hardest but then everything warmed up and I found some sort of rhythm. It wasn’t easy though and I still needed the three-minute walking break but I was pleased I went.”

Meanwhile, in Germany, I was celebrating my 40th birthday naked in a hot tub with a bunch of strangers. A most surreal experience but it’s the norm in German spas and it felt completely natural. I’m not an exhibitionist by nature, like most people I have body hang-ups but, in looking around (not sure you’re meant to) I realised my body is totally normal and we come in all different shapes and sizes. For one day I embraced that and shed my hang-ups to go naked. I still didn’t run.

Nancy Berlin

JR deserves a massive pat on the back (and not just because he said he did!). It’s Friday and he has completed another run, in the rain. In his own words…

“Completely steamed up. Seriously wet. Good run though! Pat me on the back. I have today done my first 25 minutes non-stop run. Aaaaaaggghhhh! When I saw it come up with five-minute walk, 25-minute run and five-minute walk I though no chance, it’s pishing down. But you know what - after the five-minute walk and compulsory Jude warm-up, the rain helped me focus. And I ran (at my own pace) from the building 120 on the perimeter road round to the Compass Gate turn off. Ten-minute walk back to the office and I’m well and truly soaked. BUT pretty happy.”

JR 7th March 1

So, two runs done for JR in Week 7. I’ve done no running but lots of walking and am enjoying the break! And yes, we did the David Hasselhoff Museum...

Nancy Hoff

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