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Wednesday 09 May 2018

Nancy & JR Week 6 - And repeat...

It’s Monday (26th Feb) evening, I need to get on with Couch to 5k because I skipped Friday but I currently have a mantra running through my head screaming ‘I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do this, I REALLY don’t want to do this’. It’s my internal, whining child voice that just wants to throw myself on the floor and ‘scream and scream until I’m sick’. Actually, I don’t think it was even an internal voice at this point.

My motivation is being seriously dented by the fact it is snowing though and -4, my partner in crime is out the office and I couldn’t persuade any other bugger to come out running with me. Anyway, I’m not a child, I’m not a quitter and I just need to suck it up and get on with it.

It’s 17:45 so still light but I’m really aware that I have nothing reflective on and am all in black so need to be really careful which route I take around the aerodrome. Top Gear has just finished filming so I took off around the track with Jude (Run Surrey Hills) shouting (in a good way) instructions in my head.

As I passed the Top Gear studio I was gorilla squatting, badly Greek dancing and trying to windmill my arms to warm-up. I looked totally bonkers to all the onlookers but at least I was beginning to warm up.

This session was a 5-minute warm-up, 10-minute run, 3-minute walk, 10-minute run and 5-minute warm down.

After the training session with Jude and my run around Denbies Wine Estate last Wednesday, I was feeling OK about being able to do it. I put on The Greatest Showman soundtrack and went for it. Psychologically running forward and not turning back halfway around the track was positive for me. It kept me focused on putting one foot in front of the other and I was really lucky that the wind wasn’t too bad.

Nancy 26th Feb

The first 10 minutes of running was manageable, only the last minute or two did I start to flag a little but the app cut in to tell me to keep going at just the right time. With the final 10 minutes, it was definitely harder. I was feeling a bit cold, I needed something thicker to cover my ears which were starting to hurt and I had a stitch. I also felt like it was the longest 10 minutes in the world. Thank god for Hugh Jackman whose singing kept me going.

I had to dig deep and push to keep running for the final two minutes but I completed it which was a relief. It was dark by this point and, as I’ve mentioned before, the dark can make me a little disorientated so I thought I’d be naughty and call security to come and pick me up because it was another five minutes back to the office.

Did anyone else see the article on iPhones shutting off when they get too cold? Yep, you guessed it. I touched my phone and it died. Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh no lift for me. I stomped back to the office feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Fitbit is telling me I took 36 minutes to do 2.7 miles and my average heart rate was 146 BPM.

I stretched down and headed home cold with some seriously red cheeks. One steaming hot bath later I was stuffing my face with food whilst curled up in my Unicorn onesie. It felt so good. Those that were on the Ultra last year will remember my onesie from the race briefing!

PJ Party Volunteers

It’s even colder today for run two (28th Feb) and last night I actually googled ‘when is it too cold to run?’. Apparently, according to some sites, when in the minus go to the gym and run indoors. I don’t have that option so I’m going with the other sites which say wrap up warm and go for it.

It’s -2, the skies are blue and the sun is shining. It is beautiful. Today JR and I have our colleague Matt with us. He recently confessed that he was going to a wedding over the Surrey Hills Challenge weekend and wouldn’t be able to run or work it. He was the awesome Batman at the Half last year and I haven’t decided whether I forgive him or not yet.

Today I have decided to go back a couple of days and am starting week 6 again because that’s where JR is and I don’t really want to do a full 20-minute run today. JR has slipped a little and I missed a couple of weeks due to illness and then skipped a couple of weeks training so I don’t think it is going to hurt take a step back. Although I do agree with Meg and think this is the hardest stage of the app. I know from experience that if I keep pushing through the 10-minute barrier I can keep going but, in this week, it stops you just as you are about to push through and then makes you do it all again. It is torturous. I’m sure there is a good reason for it but they don’t explain it.

This session was a 5-minute warm-up, 5-minute run, 3-minute walk, 8-minute run, 3-minute walk, 5-minute run and a final 5-minute warm down.

The wind is bitter. I feel like I’m in that scene from Dumb and Dumber, you know the one where they have frozen snot trails streaming across their faces! The cold has literally taken my breath away.

We do our crazy looking warm-up during the 5-minute brisk walk the Couch to 5K instructs you to do and then start running.

JR warmup 28th

Matt is timing us and according to his watch, I’m running quickly at a 9-minute mile. Probably a bit too quick for me to maintain the whole session. As Jude suggested I’m not sticking at JR’s pace but running backwards and forwards. It’s good having Matt with us to help with motivation. He’s also mad, he’s wearing shorts.

JR Matt Walm up 28th

JR is strong and steady throughout the whole session. I have slipped back into bad habits and have been holding myself too rigid and started swinging my top body which I wouldn’t have realised if Matt hadn’t pointed it out. I re-focus and realise I’m not swinging my arms straight in front of me enough. I struggled with the last couple of minutes of the final 5-minute run and was starting to be a little moany and wanting it to be over.

Matt ran with JR for a while today and pointed out that since the last run he did with JR a couple of weeks back, JR is now running at a faster pace much to JR’s surprise!

Today my heart rate is averaging 140bpm and in 38 minutes covered 2.6 miles.

Nancy JR Matt 28th Feb

I didn’t feel as cold by the time we got back today but on returning to the office my face is on fire! I’m not sure JR and I will be so enthusiastic about our next run if the weather forecast is correct and we get a lot more snow. I feel my Unicorn onesie calling to me…

Neither of us managed Run 3 this week, the snow stopped play. I am off to celebrate my 40th next week and have no intention of doing anything more strenuous than lifting a drink from my lounger!


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